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A confident smile begins with a healthy mouth, that means keeping your pearly whites and gums in top notch condition. If you have had a tooth extracted due to a severe crack, fracture or advanced tooth decay, it can seriously impair the full function of your mouth. In a situation like this, our experienced dental team can effectively restore the previously extracted tooth with a dental implant in Paso Robles, California.

Restoring an extracted tooth starts with a thorough examination of the area to make sure the surrounding bone structure is sufficient and healthy enough to anchor an implant. If too much bone structure was lost in your jaw during the extraction, your dentist, Dr. Kaitilin Riley, might recommend that you receive a bone graft before proceeding.

At the beginning of the implant procedure, a small channel is made in your jawbone and the titanium post is screwed directly into the bone. Once the post has fused with the surrounding bone structure, our dental team will take an impression of your teeth as part of the final process of installing a crown.

If you have had a tooth extracted and you are interested in having it restored with a dental implant, you should call our caring team at 805-238-3880 to schedule an appointment.