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The festive fall season is upon us filling the air with spices and sugary treats just in time for Halloween! This year, instead of spooking everyone with a dull and faded smile, why not dazzle your family and friends with a beautiful white smile this year?

Teeth whitening treatments are very popular in our society and could be found in most dental offices and stores alike. So, why have a whitening treatment from the dental office instead of buying a simple over-the-counter whitening system? The answer to this question is easily found in simple logic. Not every smile is the same and needs the same amount of bleach to whiten them. This leads to overuse of the products which can cause severe problems like sensitivity and nerve pain.

That is why it’s always extremely important to remember when you choose to do any teeth-whitening system always consult with your dentist first. Your dentist will know your specific needs and how much bleaching agent or gel to use. Too often people skip talking to their dentist and then have other oral problems. That is why talking to your dentist is always the first step to whitening your teeth.

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