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Dental fillings are one of the main treatments to repair a tooth that has a cavity, and while they can be very long lasting and undergo a hardening and cementing process when first placed, they are not meant to last forever. Your filling may eventually fail as oral bacteria starts to affect the dental adhesive and tooth enamel around the filling.

We can help you recognize the symptoms of a failed dental filling so that you can seek proper treatment as soon as possible.

A bad filling could cause you to feel some sharp tooth pain when biting down and chewing with the tooth and may undergo changes in texture and coloring in the surrounding tooth enamel as bacteria affects the seam that seals the filling to the tooth enamel. If new tooth decay starts to develop in the tooth, it could loosen your filling, the filling could fall out and the inner tooth structure may be affected.

Treatment for dental filling failure depends on your condition, such as removing tooth enamel to place a larger dental filling or placing a dental crown to correct tooth decay. You may even need root canal therapy to remove decayed areas from the inner tooth if decay has affected the inner structure.

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