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Insurance broker, Charles, states that “unless dental insurance is acquired through an employer sponsored policy, it most likely will you cost you more to have the same treatment with insurance vs without.”

Insurance broker, Cathy, states that “self-funded dental insurance plans typically have a 12-month waiting period before they will cover anything more than exams and cleanings. By the time you’ve satisfied the annual premiums, and pay the deductible, the limits are so low for each individual service that it can cost you more than if you’d just paid cash.”

Office Manager, Stacy, states:

“I’ve been in the industry for 30+ years and have yet to see a self-funded dental insurance plan that benefits the patient. I recommend a plan like Care Credit. You can spread your payments for treatment over a 6-month period interest free. Sort of like paying dental insurance premiums, however if you don’t have treatment, you don’t have a payment. With insurance you pay monthly regardless of your need for treatment.”

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