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When you first consider piercing your tongue, it may seem like a great idea. After all, what better way to express yourself and let the world know who you are? As attractive as it may sound, it comes with several hazards, and you should understand those hazards before you decide to get that barbell or stud.

For example, the very act of piercing your tongue can be dangerous. The needle could damage the nerves in your tongue or even rupture a blood vessel if the piercing is not done correctly. Your tongue can swell, making it difficult to speak, eat, or even breathe. Then there is the risk of infection. If the proper sterilization procedures are not followed, you can develop an infection and may even run the risk of contracting hepatitis. A plastic barbell can break and cause a choking hazard, and the as your tongue stud repeatedly strikes your teeth, your teeth can chip or develop gaps.

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